The Science of Water

Nature naturally spins and spirals, at each bend in the river the vortex reverses its direction, which is its own way of gathering and dispersing energy. Vortices cause molecules to become organized.

Water has the capacity to store and transfer information, this capacity accounts for the instantaneous transfer of signals and other vibratory information within biological organism. Liquid crystalline order is the key. Energy and information may be stored as vibrations in molecular bonds and within the structure of the system. The ordered Crystalline matrix provides a pathway for efficient transfer of information.

The difference between a liquid and a liquid Crystal is similar to the difference between a solid and its corresponding crystalline form. The molecules in a quartz rock are random, but the molecules in a quartz crystal organized to form a repeating geometric pattern. Although they are both the same materials, the molecules, the organization changes their physical appearance and their properties. The same is true for a diamond, if it lacks the organization, it is simply a chunk of coal. Under heat and pressure, carbon atom become organized, organization changes their properties.

Liquid crystal water is a structured, organized, coherent, fluid crystal in which individual molecules cooperate and function as one unit like fabric in the wind. Water connects itself through hydrogen bonds holding water molecules together. Coherence enables each molecule to communicate with every other molecule instantaneously.

Any system that maintains coherence, it also maintains organization. The flow of energy through that system is what creates in sustains coherence. Mae-Wan Ho Demonstrated how the flow of energy through an organized system creates and supports the structural organization, and how the structure of an organized coherent system supports the flow of energy. Living organisms depend on the coherence of their internal water matrix.

~Dancing With Water

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