Ionic Trace Minerals

99% of American people are not intaking enough minerals, causing a serious mental and physical undergrowth.

  • Minerals are components of body tissues
  • Minerals activated the enzymes
  • Minerals maintain the equilibrium of acids and bases in body fluid
  • Minerals activate vitamins
  • Minerals are the materials to produce hormones

Minerals are components of our body cells that perform extensive and important roles in biological activities. They are involved in vitalizing various enzymes and vitamins, as well as controlling hormones. Minerals are directly related to the health and diseases of the body more than any other nutrients.

GMO crops and conventional farming have severely depleted crops of their mineral contents, directly affecting human mineral intake. This has become one of the major causes of modern lifestyle-related diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Natural spring water is loaded with these essential minerals as well, there are numerous reports and studies on the healing powers of these waters. The biggest issue is the fact that not everyone has access to the natural spring aquifers, the most accessible water sources are tap and filtered. None of these options contain the robust mineral content of its spring counterparts.

Therefore, we must supplement with high quality and bio-available trace minerals.

Gaia’s Gift Ionic Trace Minerals are loaded with naturally balanced minerals in their ionic form (highly bio-available) suspended in structured vortex living water. This solution has the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

Minerals existed far before the existence of carbohydrate, fat, and protein and these three main nutrients are only the products of the synthesis of minerals and major elements.

Minerals act as nucleating zones for the initiation of more complex liquid Crystaline order. The act as receptors providing the basis for a vibrant exchange of energy. Gases like hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide help external and internal waters stay clean, energized, and balanced.

Soil is the origin of all living beings on the earth, and living a healthy life depends on the fertility of soil which means mineral content in the soil.

Soil pollution caused by agricultural chemicals caused serious mineral deficiencies in food, and that has become one of the major causes of modern lifestyle-related diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Modern agriculture depends on chemical fertilizers, soil is being overly provided with nitrogen, phosphor and potassium, and the amount of other minerals is continuously decreasing. Plants need the help of microorganisms to absorb the nutrients and minerals from soil. Due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, massive spraying of pesticides, and acid precipitation caused by air pollution, soil has become a difficult environment for microorganisms to live in and absorb nutrients from. As a result, grains and vegetables are deficient.

Even more over fast and processed foods enjoyed by people everyday loose a considerable amount of minerals in the manufacturing process. To make matters worse, our body needs enzymes to detoxify the chemicals in the processed food we eat, and to produce various detoxifying enzymes, even more minerals are needed. Due to mineral deficiency, our body takes minerals from our bones to produce enzymes for detoxification and that aggravates our mineral deficiency problem even more.

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