Bio-Photonic Glass

What is Bio-Photonic Glass

Bio-photon is light emitted by living tissue. ‘Bio’ in Greek means life and ‘Photon’ means light. Bio-photonic research has found that the bio-photonic output of a food or supplement is related to its quality and life essence, which the same example applies to Our bodies and the absorption of photons almost as nutrition.


Bio-Photonic Glass has the ability to filter out certain UV wavelengths from the sun that dissociate water molecules, while simultaneously harnessing the IR rays that are beneficial to water. Bio-Photonic glass will enable its contents to stay preserved with its electrical charge (energy), smell, color for drastically longer amounts of time.

“According to Miron Research, Bio-Photonic glass allows 25%-45% penetration of light in the range of 380-420 nanometers (violet and UVA-frequency), and about 60% penetration in the range of 730-1050 nanometers (Infrared frequency). These parts of the light spectrum seem to energize the organic molecules of the products stored within.

The alchemical recipe of Bio-Photonic glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. In those times, valuable essences (oils) and natural healing products were kept either in gold or in violet glass vessels. In 1851, Jakob Lorber (Graz, 1800-1864, teacher, musician and mystic) described a method for creating sun healing remedies; sunlight photons absorbed into homeopathic globules. These delicate products had to be created -as well as stored- in dark violet glass dishes. According to Lorber, products stored in violet glass would be solar-enriched, and their energy preserved.” ~Miron 

Some ingenious tribes such as the Haudenosaunee revere the color purple to be associated with peace, but also even symbolized with destruction or deviation under the knowing that after death comes life in the perpetual hoop of life. Even Well respected mystics such as St.Germain and Edgar Casey note the particular properties of the color violet.


The darkness of the glass acts as a womb of protection and nourishment. Light often contributes to the structuring process providing energy for breakdown, but darkness completes the equation. Darkness allows IR waves the most potent wave band for inducing structural organization in water to be absorbed. Darkness and the energetic qualities of the womb refine and mature waters energy. Victor schauberger called this process ‘Ennoblement’

Blue and violet have the least vibratory impact on water therefore proactive of its structure, violet is the highest vibratory color and especially particular in its effects with water.

The gestational period in many higher lifeforms is spent in the protective darkness of a womb. Where it is sheltered nurtured in darkness until it has gathered enough life force to spring forth into the light. Darkness is regenerative for water just as it is for the human body and all of life.

Only in darkness within the earth does water become fully mature before rising to the surface. The vast majority of the ocean lives in complete darkness, where waters life force is cultivated. Dew is another example of mature, energized water treated in darkness. Water is enlivened in by the indirect light of dawn, and yet, if not absorb, its energy is robbed by the sun

Vortex Charged Water simply means mimicking natural processes like clouds, rain, snow, and rivers, and when these natural systems stack they cry closer to organizing full spectrum living water. Just like water moving around river rocks absorbing essential minerals and vortexes at each bend in the river.

Gaia’s Gift Waters are through a special process reprogrammed with movement against gemstones and with Natural Actions Vortex devices to bring life, energy and charge into crystalline waters.

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Dancing with Water- 2nd Edition

Miron Glass

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